Proverbs 6-10

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Just had an unpleasant conversation with my mum. Because of some reasons, I could not take her advice in a peaceful way. I know she loves me, and I know she is advising for my best. I am grateful for having her as my mum. I am a little person that I am not even brave enough to tell her how much I cherish her, her love, and her sacrifice for me. So I think proverbs six says what I should put in my heart, that is: “My son, keep your father’s command, And do not forsake the law of your mother.

Proverbs 6 自救的方式便是:要谦卑地向他求情。懒惰的人将会贫穷和缺乏。心术不正以及无赖撒谎是耶和华所憎恶的。“孩子啊,要遵守你父亲的诫命,不可背弃你母亲的训言。”

Proverbs 7 顺着上一章,这里继续强调要远离淫妇。 Continue reading

Proverbs 1-5

It is really hard not to pause when I read Proverbs. So much Wisdom!

Proverbs 1 emphasizes the author and why shall we read the Proverbs, why shall we avoid evil counsel, and why shall we listen to the call of wisdom. “But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, And will be secure, without fear of evil.”
The value of wisdom is followed in Proverbs 2. It describes how wisdom reveals God and how wisdom teaches us the righteousness.
In Proverb 3, Yahweh and His glory are mentioned, and we shall not forget who our God is. His wisdom is greater than gold or diamond.
箴言的第三篇顺着逻辑嘱咐了读者不要忘记耶和华Yahweh. (来自神的)智慧是比金钱更加贵重的财富,因为它使我们得尊荣。
Because His wisdom is so valuable, Solomon reminds us the difficulties and necessities for us to keep His wisdom in mind.
Oh, Babe, you read this chapter, please.
箴言第五篇 专注在妇女的吸引力上。乖乖,真是棒极了。我好想读一遍给你听,但我嗓子哑了。


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