File May 30, 7 27 11 PMBusy April. Traveling, and escaping. Now, May has almost gone, and I finally have time to sit down, write about Acts.
I felt ashamed.
Knowing there is nothing to be ashamed of, I still feel like I should be ashamed of that I did not finish reading my Bible plan on time. That is what the enemy was trying to get to me.

Luke, the author of Gospel of Luke, may be the author of Acts. “ACTS 1:1 The former account I made…” These two books combine into a joint work, with the first part describing the life of Jesus and salvation through His resurrection, and the second part telling how His disciples followed Jesus, especially the life of Apostel Peter and Apostel Paul. Acts demonstrated an excellent model of how a Christian can live out his or her life.

Here are some highlights and comments based on my reading notes. Continue reading