约书亚 15:16 迦勒说:“谁能攻打基列.西弗,把基列.西弗夺取,我就把我的女儿押撒给他作妻子。” 17 迦勒的兄弟基纳斯的儿子俄陀聂夺取了那城,迦勒就把女儿押撒给他作妻子。18 押撒出嫁的时候,怂恿丈夫向她父亲求一块田地;押撒一下驴,迦勒问她:“你要甚么?” 19 她回答:“求你给我祝福;你既然把南地给了我,求你也把水泉给我。”她父亲就把上泉和下泉都给了她。

The same story can also be found in Judges; the story was repeated in two books of the old testament certainly for an important reason. Do you know what a perfect groom stands for? Do you know what living water means? Can you see that even an earthly father knows to take care of his daughter, why are we still having doubts for our heavenly father?