Proverbs 6-10

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Just had an unpleasant conversation with my mum. Because of some reasons, I could not take her advice in a peaceful way. I know she loves me, and I know she is advising for my best. I am grateful for having her as my mum. I am a little person that I am not even brave enough to tell her how much I cherish her, her love, and her sacrifice for me. So I think proverbs six says what I should put in my heart, that is: “My son, keep your father’s command, And do not forsake the law of your mother.

Proverbs 6 自救的方式便是:要谦卑地向他求情。懒惰的人将会贫穷和缺乏。心术不正以及无赖撒谎是耶和华所憎恶的。“孩子啊,要遵守你父亲的诫命,不可背弃你母亲的训言。”

Proverbs 7 顺着上一章,这里继续强调要远离淫妇。

Proverbs 8 “因为智慧比宝石更珍贵,一切美物都不能与之相比。” 那我现在知道智慧好了,要怎么才能寻求,得到智慧?这章经文说,智慧是在上帝创造世界之前就存在的。“要听从教诲,不可轻忽,要做智者。” 神的话语,神的训教,便是智慧的源头。

Proverbs 9 比较了智慧和愚昧 “智慧始于敬畏耶和华,认识至圣者便是明智。

Proverbs 10 所罗门的箴言:“智慧儿使父亲快乐,愚昧儿叫母亲担忧。” 娘亲我对不起你,呜呜呜呜


接下来,我想在这首歌中,找回平静。很多时候我会莫名地慌张,因为内心深处有许多没有屡清楚的思绪,像是挡住了眼睛的黑布,让我心慌慌。每每这时,我便会放这首歌。循环播放,“it is well, it is well… so let go, my soul, and trust in Him…”直到心中得到平静,来自神的安慰。

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