Revelation 5



今天在旅途的路上。随身带着了Sis A 给我的这章经文的Bible study handout,受益匪浅!我也想要成为一头小狮子~ 有羔羊般的温顺~ (而且两眼冒♦♦星♦♦星♦♦

Worthy is the lamp who was slain,
Worth is the king who conquer the grave!


Revelation 5: 7 Then He came and took the scroll out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. 7 那羔羊走上前去,从坐在宝座上的那位右手中接过书卷。
I was touched when I read the verse seven. 耶稣会从天父手中接过书卷,打开封印。这一切全权交在我们至高无上的主的儿子的手里,由公证公义的毫无瑕疵的他来为我们做审判。 我期待神的再次来临,我期待他的尊荣。我觉得这一段也表现出了天父和耶稣直接亲密的关系,因为讲解书里面说这本卷轴是两面都有写的,一般正式的卷轴是只记录一面,可见这是上帝自己的东西。但是他却信任的把这个卷轴放到了耶稣手上。

Revelation 5: 2 …”谁有资格揭开那七个封印,打开那本书” 2 … “Who is worthy to open the Book, and to loose the sealed thereof?”
What drives the angel to ask for someone to open the scroll?
Worthy, more than ability and eligibility.
I was confused because I have no idea why it is important for someone to open the scroll. The Bible study handout explained that God’s plan is on the scroll, if the scroll remains seal, the future will never be revealed. Not a long time ago, I was asking God to take me and spare me from this world because I was tired of feeling guilty. But today, when I read this verse, I don’t have the urge to ask for the ruling. I have had invited God to be my ruler, and the peace has been with me since. Thank you, Lord, Amen!

Why is the number seven being mentioned so many times?
God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. I remember there is an interesting research shows that seven is the most favorite number among all the numbers that are less than ten. Seven is such a magical number, but what does it represent in the Bible? The Bible study handout suggests that the number seven stands for perfection. In verse six, Jesus Christ was seen with seven horns and seven eyes, which implies His complete power. I don’t really understand why seven means completeness and perfection, but I think it is just like I don’t understand why “two” is two.

Songs and worship. Look, Darling C, HARP!
The opinions about worship in the Handbook are: “ God can deepen your love for Himself through music, especially music that exalts Christ. Music expresses the language of the heart.” In verse nine, a new song was being sung. :DDDDD It is a new song to John, not necessary to me. Maybe I have sung it. :DDDDD
上次我在赶鬼的视频的那一篇就表达过我对音乐和媒体的看法 (3 JOHN 那天),我是同意音乐和媒介对人的思想有影响这个观点,并且每个人被影响的程度不同。所以人们应该去关注并且选择自己要摄入的信息数量和信息质量。有的人的思想可能很容易被影响,所以不被建议去暴露在背道而驰的极端观念中。以我对自己的了解,我还算是蛮固执的一个人,我会去听,但对于和我观念不同的信仰上的意见,我一般都是左耳朵进右耳朵出,从来不走心。因为我不喜欢在别人的几句话下,就把自己曾经亲身经历的神的爱和陪伴拿出来重新说服自己。这个过程是很让我难过的。当神感动我陪伴我的时候,他从来没有对我产生过怀疑,而我在他眼中永远是我。神看见的我,至始至终,他的爱也不曾改变。为什么我要让自己陷入到质疑他或者重新证明他的困境中。有很多人因为这一点很排斥基督徒,他们会强调基督徒缺乏其他信息的摄取,缺乏思考。我认为这只是世界观的不同所导致的。当我有了神,我思考问题的方式就无法再把他忽视。对神的了解的越深,你就会越明显的感觉到自己的世界观不再和以前一样。就像是以弗所书里面说的,我们脱去了旧衣服,穿上了新衣裳。我们不再是以前的罪人,而是神的儿女。这样身份的变化会让人的心态也改变,所以思考问题的方式也逐渐更新。(当然最好上一学期SoKM,入门的更快:DDDDD)我赞成并且希望每个人都有自己的观念,并且每个人的观念都被尊重。

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