Revelation 2

Four letters to four churches: the loveless church (Ephesus), the persecuted church (Smyrna), the compromising church (Pergamos), and the corrupt church (Thyatira).

I think these churches also represents our Christian status that may change over time. Which category is your current status? It must be important that God repeated this verse at the end of every letter: 7 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” 圣灵对各教会所说的话,凡有耳朵的都应当听。



When I read over this chapter once, I wonder why God always has something against us. In Chinese, the translation is 责备,blame. Isn’t He a loving God? But when I read over for the second time, I realized why. God is pleased when we are following Him and doing good. However, He is the God, who could not bear any sin because God has no darkness. How can light bear darkness inside of it? Even God loves us and forgives our sin, He wants us to understand that it is precious to live in righteousness and fully immerse in His love. I pray that when we are tempted, our Father will touch our heart and teach us the priceless gift of being His son and daughter. Thus, we can turn away from the sins and temptations. I pray that we have the power from God to be strong, faithful, and joyful. I pray that Holy Spirit will comfort our heart when we worship Him in laughs and tears. God bless you. I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, the powerful name, AMEN!

———–♥ 跟我一起单曲循环吧 ♥————


<當祢找到我 When You Found Me> 关于这首歌的创作


當祢找到我,在生命 十字路口


我跟隨 祢從高山到低谷
我跟隨 祢即使荊棘滿佈


One thought on “Revelation 2

  1. CY says:

    我今天唸的是 馬太福音15:29-39,耶穌給四千人吃飽。特別的經文是耶穌說:”I do not want to send them away hungry.”


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