3 John

3 John 1: 11 Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen 3 John 1: God.11 亲爱的朋友,要从善,不要从恶。行善的人属于上帝,做恶的人从来就不认识上帝。]




本来是觉得还没有到时候在这里Po我这几天看的视频 (Darling C 和 Mr Darling C 沉迷不已的TB Joshua),但看到这个视频的最后,这位弟兄总结的讯息,我很赞赏也真的觉得值得推荐。Surely the guy in the video prepared his speech; I would do the same. But it does not mean his story is a lie. I remember when I am going to give testimony in front of the crowd, I double check what I am going to share. Because I only want to share to an extent, that is comfortable for me and the audience. I am not going to expose my old past completely.

Here are some highlights from the video.

27:33 I fasted for a month but when I got there, nothing happened; there was no power. I got Frustrated. I was depressed. The enemy used that as an opportunity to come into my life and channelled me into doing other things to keep myself happy. (Does it sound familiar to you?)

  • Demon went to his dream and taught him bad things
  • He wore cloth with symbols and signs of the demon

33: 05 They influence your subconscious. Before your know what is going on, you will start seeing them everywhere you go, anything you think. Whatever anyone does you would say, “That is the sign.” You start seeing demons everywhere you go. (I am so surprised by what he said. It is almost the same as what my friend who was being demonized told me. )

35:30 It was the evil spirit that made me do it. I couldn’t have done it out of my own, it was the evil spirit that forced me. Each time I did it, I would regret. I kept crying: “God, deliver me, save me from this. When am I going to stop this?” But I would still find myself doing those things without knowing what was the cause of it. (I SAID EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID, the quotation part, for some sins I did! But I am not sure if it is the evil spirit or my weak consciousness lead me to sin. I don’t want to throw all responsibilities to the demons. People make mistakes, even Christians. But with repeated and repented mistakes, we might doubt if the evil spirit is behind it.)

The message, in the end, is similar to what Darling C told me before.

38:10 Mind the kind of things you download into your cellphone. Do away with wordly music. Do away with anything that does not have the symbol of God on it. Now in my phone, I do not have any wordly music; I deleted everything that concerns the enemy. All I have on my phone now, is Gospel music, things that speak to me more about God, that bring me closer to God. (Me too!!! I agree with what he said in the video. I think music is really influential. When you listen to sad music, you become moody. Why should I put myself in that mood, why shouldn’t I seek Joy and Hope. 折磨人的东西就避开,何必让自己煎熬。于是乎,我把微博和 Instagram都给删了,刷那些东西还不如读点书,涨点知识 :DDDDD 感谢神)

After you are delivered, be careful, no one should use what you has said and done in the past against you.

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