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我的眼光和心思,單單注視你,喔!耶穌, 隨著你心律動,甜蜜的靈來充滿我。




Hello my friend! Thank you for your visit. I am doing the one-year Bible reading plan. I told you about my site because I have so many things to share with you. If you are interested in following me reading the Bible, please do so, and leave the highlight of your reading in the comment of that day, so I may know you did read. The reason for me to start this blog is told in this post {The very first post} . When God speaks, there is power that can change everything!

Click <menu> to go to  <2016 Bible reading plan> for latest post about the bible reading plan of April. I also have another page collecting all interest stuffs I learnt through this journey. You may find all the posts here {What else}. You may reach me by email: clairebiblereading@gmail.com

Let’s pray, we will hang on till the end of this year!


I highly recommend you to use biblegateway.com when you are reading the Bible. This website can displace many translations of the same book on the screen. I tried four different translations at the same time. The reason for you to have more than one translation is that you may have a better understanding of the verse. You don’t have to read all different translations, but you can have supplements when you run into questions. Same concept as the cross reference. BibleGateway This is also a really good resources for cross reference: Biblehub

This year, I plan to just read through the whole bible (This will be the first time I read it). But I already realized it would be better if I could share more entails, more thoughts, and make things more interesting. Next year, I plan to go into details of some books, especially the Proverbs. I would like to share more about praying, and living in a strong faith.



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